its official


Its official summer has now turned me into a hopless, pathetic romantic. ha. ha. ha. I should do something this summer maybe i shouldn’t be watching too much one tree hill, but its so addicting. as if nathan really exsists in this world we’d like to call “reality”.
I am so grateful for basketball games, two hours of that and all the cheesiness is drained out of my system. ha. ha. ha.
I haven’t been watching dora, the explorer for the past three days and i miss it. boo-hoo.
I have been running out of funny stories, must be because I haven’t spoken to chi in ages, tee-hee-hee.
I was so happy yesterday. I taught my favorite kid a new trick. well it really isn’t a “trick” basta I taught him how to hug!! ha.ha.ha. i am so happy all i have to say is, “love cy love” and he’d wrap his arms around you and sputter words that I cannot understand. he is so adorable..=)
I am happy with my life right now, everything’s falling into place. a bit empty but nonethless fun.=)