January 03, 2011: The Truth About Guys


For most girls this entry would not be a beautiful thing for most girls who are lovely enough to read my blog.

But for me it’s such a wonderful realization.
Without disclosing anything about my really boring lovelife, I have come to realize the truth about boys.
And I’m really wishing that I listened to my dad when I was younger.
Thing is, I like taking control of things, so just like the women in my brother’s favorite chick flick, “He’s Just Not That Into You” and ever since I was eleven and in a red and green uniform, I always thought that it also meant taking control of boys and what they do.
I never really understood why most of my guy friends would say, “give him time to breathe”, I hated them most especially when they would say, “bia, the guys like to do the chasing.”
I mean, I was simply dropping hints. I wasn’t declaring my love for him on facebook. Okay maybe the comments were kindda stalkerish but still.
And even after I watched and read He’s Just Not That Into You a million times, it never got into my brain.
I also realized that boys are not stupid, that the author of He’s Just Not That Into You knew what he was talking about.
I always thought that if I dropped a little hint, I’d steer the relationship in the right direction. I always thought i’d be in control of the relationship once i drop the hints.
Without thinking, my actions were making me look stupid and desperate.
if he wants me, he will find a way to get to me.
it was that simple. now i know the reasons why my friends wanted to whack me in the face.
women we are God’s princesses, please let our future princes chase us.
they do enjoy it.