Just Because I have the Greatest Friends in the World


I’ve never belonged to one particular clique. It was never enough for me to be categorized by one group of friends and I’ve always thought of myself to be a loner or a flitter depending on how you see it, so at times, it be can be a bit lonely (oh the irony or simply the lack of a better term at the moment) at times when you think that you have no one to turn to. But after posting this really dramatic entry on my blog, I’ve come to realize that eventhough I don’t spend every waking moment with them or do we share party pictures or any pictures for that matter (which is a travesty really), I’ve come to realize that I do have very very wonderful friends.

It’s a stong realization since I’ve been a bit lonely for the past few days (blame that aching, lonely heart) so there, thank you my wonderful friends for your kind and blunt words, they are more than appreciated.

Thank you my dear friends, I have been greatly blessed J

From my Soully:

“No matter how patient and brave you think and you say you are, one can only take so much. The waiting, the hurting – it’ll all just get you tired, it’ll all just take a toll on you, on all this. And trust me when it happens, you’ll know. As for you my love, maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not YET. Operational word being yet – meaning it will. So why fret? You know you’ll be happy someday anyhow. Why not start now? You know you’ll get by through this. We both you know you will. Because you have friends like me, because you have people like me who love you, and simply because… YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN.”

From Kat:

We may all get hurt along the way.. but at the end, i know it’ll be worth it :). So cry as much as you can ( to let the feeling and frustration wash away), and just stop. Move on :)… Mr. Right is just out there.. 🙂
Someone who’s worth it and can give you all the love that you deserve :). You’re a beautiful lady inside and out. 🙂 Guys should be merciless at your feet 😉

From Abi:

Guys aren’t worth getting troubled over, hun. Love is too special to be complicated. 😀

From Kae:

You’re the captain of your ship, the master of your soul. 🙂

Those kind words would get you through the shittiest, ugliest days. 🙂 You lovelies warm my otherwise frozen heart. HAHAHAHAHA 🙂