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I’m the relentless Peter Pan.

I want to be seventeen forever, but seeing that that’s not possible, I decided to forget about it and started making relevant choices about my life.

For one thing, I am delaying Ateneo for a good four months because of the following reasons:

A) Technically, the big bosses didn’t allow me to take my MBA yet. Probably because I haven’t been with the institution for one year. And so instead of defying orders (I can be good at that.), I obey. Darn, ang hirap pala.

B) I want to pay for my own tuition fee. The ‘rents wanted to pay for it but if they do, I realized when will I ever learn the essence of responsibility? I know in my heart that if my dad would be the one to shoulder my tuition the I’ll probably end up spending my hard earned money on senseless, yet adorable things yet again. There are certain things in life that you have to learn the hard way.


I had the weirdest dream last night. Darn, that boy’s CUTE.

So how does this constitute as a relevant decision?

Well, I’m letting things go and not insisting on getting what I want. So, no I’m not pulling anything this time.


I decided to stick with this job. Even if it’s unfair, demanding and well, filled with catty people. I’m sticking with it because how else would I learn to toughen up if I don’t know how to deal with these people?

It’s all part of growing up.

Besides, I know that the Lord’s fighting my battles for me. That alone, is enough =)