little annoyances that can get in the way


I have no idea what i’m bitchin’ about. Really, my mood swings kill. Haha. I can be so moody its crazy. And the thing with me is the things that really annoy me and get my moods swinging are the little things. My ate constantly reminds me to not sweat the small stuff and yet I do. I should let the little things go. I am so weird. The big problems, I can handle head on but those little ones, like getting pissed over little pet peeves, really really turn my mood sour. Its kindda psychotic when you think about it, the big problems I could face with a smile on my face but the little ones……well, you know my pouty face. Hehe.

I hate it when people disappoint me- intentional or not. I know I shouldn’t demand or expect from people a lot and really, I don’t. But sometimes when people take me for granted…well it hurts most of the time. I hate being taken for granted. I really hate it.

I also hate it when people become so nice to me when they need something or not with thier friends but become meanies when they no longer need anything or when in the presence of their “crowd”. I know once again that people have thier reasons for doing such but again, its a pet peeve.

I also hate the fact that people get judged based on what they look like. Its crazy. During my lunch break earlier, I was quietly observing people in the cafeteria and realized that yes, everyone looks different and unique, but that doesn’t take away thier right to be loved. Everyone has the right to be accepted for who they are and loved sincerly despite what they look like, what they wear, who they’re with or who they really are. There are times when im hopeful of the fact that there are still amazing people on earth who are genuine, sincere and honest. But on days like these, oh gad…where are they? Sometimes, I even think that I’m not up to that.

When would people start treating other people right? When will that certain kind of love finally arrive for those who actually deserve it? Sometimes the world is so full of deceit and conceit that you can hardly find anything real, simple or uncomplicated anymore. Everyone has to have thier drama and it sucks. I used to be pride myself in being the “dramaqueen” (okay, don’t laugh) but now I realized that I don’t need or deserve anymore drama in my life.

Okay, now that’s out of my system, I finally feel better. I hope its just one of those days caused by the stupid weather. Ohwell, at least the day’s over for me and I feel hopeful because tomorrow is definetley another day:)