More honest than the one I posted on friendster


ten really random facts about you
1. I watch cartoons like there’s no tomorrow

2. I hardly wear makeup.

3. The circles under my eyes are not brought about by “unnatural” sources, it’s just the way it is. 4. I love thinking about really nonsense things.

5. I overanaylze too much it should be a sin.

6. I cannot stay away from chocolates for too long.

7. I love basketball but cannot play it to save my life

8. I wear black all the time but no, i’m not emo, depressed or a part of a cult. I just like wearing it.

9. I’m not difficult. I’m the easiest person to get along with:)

10. I love anything mushy, cheesy or sentimental

nine ways to win my heart

1. Be Hygienic

2. Have an opinion and don’t be afraid to say them

3. Please stop playing games with me!! It gets OLD!

4. Be Honest

5. Be a cowboy/ down-to-earth. I cannot deal with arrogance. I’m sorry.

6. Make me laugh and laugh at my corniest jokes

7. be smart: know what you want in life and follow through

8. surprise me

9. love your mom and sister/s

eight things i carry/wear every day:aside from the undergarments, malamang

1. watch

2. ruby ring (i’ve had it on forever!)

3. cell(duh)

4. ipod

5. my Bible

7. bottled water or at least my reliable mug

8. off lotion! (haha:)

seven things that annoy me

1. people who can go on and on about: the party last night, who got wasted, who was wearing what blah blah blah

2. people who try to hard

3. professors who don’t teach

4. people who don’t reply (hahaha!)

5. dirty bathrooms;p

6. not having coffee in my life:(

7. people who talk sh*t about other people to feel good about themselves

six movies i’d watch all over again:

1. finding neverland

2. never been kissed

3. princess diaries one

4. the departed

5. sixteen candles

6. my bestfriend’s wedding

five things i want to do before i die

1. visit Africa and do something to improve it

2. Go to Ireland!

3. Have a succesful career

4. skydive

5. fall in love

four things i’m afraid of

1. LIZARDS. Erk.

2. Loosing anyone

3. heights (heeheee)

4. ******

three things i do every day

1. sleep

2. eat

3. watch TV (haahaa)

two things i’m trying not to do now.

1. eat

2. laugh out loud since I am alone in the library and laughing out loud would brand me as a lunatic. It’s difficult, good times with mo is extra funny today.

one person you want to see right now
1. chris howell. HAHAHAHA:)