mothers know best


I had another weird dream last night. Of course, once I got up I simply had to tell my mom about it. (I really can’t write down the details of that dream, its too darn complicated)

After retelling the tale, she simply said
“You still love him, don’t you?”

I almost choked on my yakult. Love was NOT the word I was looking for.
So I gave her a shrug and she said another thing that almost made me jump out of my seat
In fairness, he understood you. You had the same views on life. That’s not something you find easily.”

Uh, thanks for rubbing it in MOM.

But, I knew what she was talking about, inasmuch as I tried to deny it, what my mom said was true. In the four months that I’ve been in college, no one ever came close. Well, most of them came close to being jerks… but you get my point.


life’s stupid ironies.