My Long Overdue Birthday Blog Entry


*Today, I am 19 years old and one week. Heehee.

Allow me to be nostalgic ab out two things:

1) This is my last “teen” birthday

2) This is the last time that I’d spend it in school (graduate school doesn’t really count!!)

I cannot believe how quick my 18th year passed me by. In one spectrum, it was indeed quick, while in another it went on for too long. So I’m scratching my expectations for this year. I have goals and my to-do list but that’s just about it.

My birthday this year was amazingly simply because I’ve reconnected with people and reformed tattered relationships.

There’s a sweet satisfaction in that because I’ve been praying for peace above all things to come into my life and that was answered. The strong assertion allows my heart to hope for better things ahead (hope not expect! Haha)

Indeed, the best things in life are free because all the best gifts I recieved this year were all intangible.

Maturity may be found in the imagninary little box of trinkets but I dare to be thankful for the strength bestowed upon me in my 18th year.

God is truly good!

There’s nothing more beautiful than spending another year of my life with my family and friends.


On a lighter note, I though of how wonderful that birthday was over hotdogs, coffee (quickly shakes are the best), puto from good friends and coffee caramel cake from Red Ribbon.

I’ve never been more satisfied!!!


Thanks to all of you who remembered! My 0920 number is still inactive and my globe number got stolen!! If you greeted me in either of those numbers. Thanks a lot!!!!


Happy bithday CHICHII!!!!!