My senior will…


( a month too late…but still)

To Chi, “ahead” rubber shoes especially made for you, cheat sheets for your college entrance tests, six friendship bracelets for our six year friendship and a drama queen crown to match mine=)

Abbie, I leave mang jeff’s blue bus,a radio tuned to 89.1 and a journal that would soon be filled with your wonderful and optimistic thoughts.

To Arvin, my dear, my fiance (yeah right.hehe), a president’s medal of valor, a huge trophy for being a good debater and a better friend. A tree that would never ever be moved (hehe) and my awe forever.=) you are my superman=)

Marc, Christmas’03 text message, my 15th birthday cake and a friendship out of nowhere.

To Cokie, a box of chocolait and a letter that would recount the “infamous” chocolait story and a loyalty award.

Candice, I give you your own phone line, a scrapbook of our favorite boybands (those were the days) and orange’s first album.=)

To Mia, wings to go with your angelic voice, a new guitar and another envelope, this time filled with not just my love story but the story of our beautiful friendship=)

Zena, a thousand nicknames, a huge garfield stuff toy, your cellphone otherwise known as my baby, “HTML”, videos of our short lived 3rd year REPLICA days (kalokohan yan), your own computer shop, my internet cards, portraits of sir bong and ben, difficult math problems that you could answer in an instant, UA&P tests, interviews and “seminar”, MEG november’03 issue and my friendship forever..=)

To Thea, my amazement cause you are such a great person, white oleander, another FCUK t-shirt (this time in red, i love the yellow one!), chuck taylors shopping spree (my chuckmate forever) and individuality that you never seem to run out of.=)

Miguel, “one voice”, an inbox full of messages, “advices”, handcuffs from foundation day ’03. Regrets over a friendship lost.

To Jen, my maaaaammm!!=), my daduch’s heart, heart wreching love stories, your own bathroom stall where we could bawl and cry our hearts out anytime, a gift certificate from national bookstore and goodwill. one year supply of internet cards.=)

Miko, my mamuch’s heart, a pair of new goggles.=)

To Paolo, my brother out of nowhere, “boom-boom!”, a number 15 ATENEO jersey! ONE BIG FIGHT! and that sweatshirt that’s just like Lucas’.=)

Kara, a room full of books, journals and pens. Recordings of our many conversations and a huge thanks for our real friendship.

Lily!!!, Japoy’s C5 billboard, the “nilja” nickname, papa alec secrets, the key to papa A’s office (yuck!!), bus tickets to manila from baguio and viceversa, more corny jokes and my deepest gratitude for accepting me and my many quirks.

My twin, stiff competition, starstruck one days and a better friendship.

To Marti, an award for your exceptional point of view and taste in music. Batteries for your MP3.

Lance, “psst…may ballpen ka?”, stamps and envelopes so you could send me your caricatures, a girlfriend you truly deserve (just so you could stop sulking and start cracking more jokes to cheer me up.)

Shamie, my “summer sister”, field trips, a friendship gone awry.

Janine, exciting new days in college and a new playlist on your MP3.

Gerald, southborder cds,nova,a week’s worth of walks home, an umbrella, DVDs, “what men live by” and more blings to be ala duncan.hehe.=)

Asian, a spot on fashion TV, my beshi’s heart

To Beshi-Bop, singkil bonding moments,another sun cellular sim and polvoron=)

Lala, more inspirational text messages, my awe and thanks for being my one woman pep squad!=)

and lastly…

To Carlo,
a burnt cd containing “if your not the one”, “kung ako na lang sana”, “forevermore”, “tattoed on my mind”, “burnout” (and baduy natin.), “moses prince of egypt” reruns, my first real infatuation, fragements of my broken heart, regrets and the sincere wish that goes with my genuine friendship that you would find someone who would be upfront with her feelings, won’t complicate things and allow you to move on…
To simplify…someone who isn’t me…=)