my world at the last week of 2005


I’ve been so busy for the last remaining weeks of 2005 that I haven’t even sat down and racked my brain to be able to come up with blog entries. Yes, that busy. Of course I just got through another term and I’m busy entertaining my kuya who hasn’t been home in awhile. I didn’t realize that I super missed him. But now that he’s here, I’m missing other people too. I’m missing school (now don’t be shocked), my friends and chocokak-a term that only duo and I could ever understand:). Anyway, so there life’s been hectic… but kindda boring. Okay, there I go again complicating things. Ohwell.
Anyway, despite the busy sked, my life is never without annoyances (ahh, it’s the “salt” that adds taste to any food, if you know what I mean…did I say that right…OHWELL!). I was watching the game with my family last Sunday and you know what annoyed me so much? THIS GIRL. OHMYGAD, whatta BISH. I swear! You see, this certain girl is all snooty with me eversince the season started, the reason? I have no idea why though. I haven’t even talked to her (what’s wrong with people these days?) and she gives me “the look” every fudging time. Not that I care, you see, I like making people happy and in some twisted way that makes her happy… then at least I’m contributing to make this world a better place. Anyway, what annoyed me about last Sunday was the fact that she FLIRTED with my brother. Suddenly, the event in Cuneta became a fashion show and not a ball game (if anyone asks, basketball games interest me more). Considering the fact that she had a BOYFRIEND, she still went and flirted with my brother. Whatever, I told my kuya about the evil looks and for the record, my brother doesn’t even find her pretty. Puede ba? You’re not my kuya’s type. For one thing, my kuya goes for decent girls. Ouch! Gad. Bishes, Sludges and Ershers are so invading the world!
Ohwell. Now that that’s out in the open. I can write about “nicer” entries. Ohmy, there’s like a week left before 2006. Whoa. Where did 2005 go? It’s been a year of change, I tell you-major change. I’ve grown up a lot this year. I don’t even know where to begin. All I know is that I am stronger than I used to be and my priorities have changed over the past twelve months. I’ve let people go and I let people in. It’s been my “pruning” year, a little cut here and a little cut there made me better. The cutting did hurt, mind you, but still it made things somewhat easier for me. Oh and you know what? Although it may be hard to believe for some people, but I actually get along with my peers now. Wanna know why? Well, its probably because I’ve learned that I do not have to be friends with everyone. I can be civil and nice with people but I don’t owe them anything. Because of that I feel better. I realized that I cannot get along with everyone but that doesn’t mean I go and challenge anyone to a fist fight. As I’ve said, I treat people the way they treat me, as simple as that. Somehow, I am no longer a pushover. I know who I am and I stand up for what I believe in. I take account of my mistakes and I have finally become optimistic!:)

2005 was a bang in an unexpected way. Thank you to my new found friends and old ones who never change. I love y’ all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!