Nostalgic and Speechless (as close to being speechless as I’d ever get!)


“There are better things ahead than any you leave behind!” –CS Lewis

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned in life: It Goes ON” –Robert Frost

“I had to face a lot of things that I have avoided and because of that, I grew up. I realized that was a choice, the people I was with, what I was doing with my life, everything in the world was an open book. Nothing was the same after that!” –Shawn Calvin

I’m in denial. I am living in denial and have been living in it ever since I turned in my last and final exam last Tuesday. I have been sucked into its deception and that’s the reason why I haven’t written about my farewell to the academe world in the past days that I’ve been freed from it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than blessed and more ecstatic than ever now that I am done. It’s great to have a break, but I must admit, my body hasn’t been able to adjust to this kind of life just yet.

I have still been getting up at 5:30 in the morning every single day and have turned to my trusty planner out of the fear that I wouldn’t be able to celebrate my brother’s birthday last weekend and watch the epic ateneo-dlsu game. But that was pointless because nothing has occupied my time except for the oc, harry potter 7 and bones.

I should really be relishing the next two weeks because I would start working soon but somehow my body is searching for something hectic, something to do. Or maybe my body is doing so because a part of me doesn’t want to admit the fact that I am done with school. And when the time comes when I’d be taking up my Master’s Degree, I know it won’t be the same. A couple of hours every week would never add up to the number of hours I spent with SFC.

But as I post this entry, I don’t think I’m still living in denial. In fact, I think I have already gotten over the nostalgia and just looking forward to the wonderful things ahead.

For the first time in years, I am at a loss for words which is why I hope the other entry that I post would justify the years I spent in college.

God is truly good.