one day, we’d all have a story to tell.


“If we search for God like we are desperate all the time, we would have less desperate times.” – Joyce Meyer

I don’t know where to begin.
When I got home today, I knew exactly what to write, but I needed to go through previous blog entries and my heart was filled with hope and so much joy that no emotional shizz was left to juice on for this blog entry.
The only thing I know is that it amazes me how self-centered we can be as people and how hypocritical we can be, often hiding behind the pretense of being ‘holy’. 
I guess the important thing is to keep God at the center of who we are, it’s not the easiest thing but once we cling on to Jesus everyday like we needed Him more than anything, days get better.
It brings me to tears sometimes to see how far I’ve come but there are also days when i think that I have not progressed at all.
It takes a single step every single day, but God is good and God is patient.
Truth be told, there was something that I have been asking for months. 
As usual, I was my highly persistent self, telling God why it should be mine but today, after months of begging, I have realized that I have no control over what God does or doesn’t do. That I’m not on parole– good behavior won’t lead me to something that God doesn’t want me to have. It’s not that He doesn’t want me to have it because He’s cruel, but because it was something that would hurt us in the long run.
There are somethings that i will never understand, somethings that may never make sense, but I do know and love and trust the One who knows so I know that all things work together for the good in the end.
I may be optimistic but I’ve had my days where the frustration of not getting something that you have hoped and prayed for gets to you and you wonder– does it all work out in the end? Well, I’d like to believe that it does and it has been promised to us (Romans 8:28), so whatever it is that hurts you, whatever it is that frustrates you, I hope you take a minute to breathe in and know that God loves you too much to not make it all workout in the end and that His purpose for you will never hurt you. 

So stop believing the lie that it will not work out, because it will and anything that is truly meant for you will be yours- whether it is a job, a relationship or anything else that you are worried about. 
Anything that is for you will find its way back, if it is in God’s will, if not, such a cliche but it is always something better.
Rest in His goodness, God’s plans for you are so great and so beautiful that if you could only see it, you would immediately let go of what it is that you are holding on to today.
God’s best for you is better than anything that you have ever imagined and this is not some fairy tale that makes you feel better for a while but has no truth to it, God’s promises are always true and it’s always for the best.
The best stories take time to tell, but they are always worth hearing. So let God create the best story ever– whatever avenue of your life it is that you are having difficulty letting go of.
God loves you too much and He will never ever let go of you.
miracles happen everyday, but God needs your faith, not your demands for it to happen in your life.