For the longest time, I’ve always wanted to look like two women: my sister and my mom. 
You see, I used to be an overly tall and overly dark chubster and their mestiza beauty was always what I aimed for in life. 
To cut an extremely long and extremely tired story short, I have always thought that if I look like my mom or my sister, life would be easier. This is especially true in the lovelife department. Whenever I would get friend zoned or worse, seen zoned, I would constantly think it was my fault. If only I was skinnier, whiter, or whatever -er, I would be deemed worthy. 
This has been such a long playing tune of my life that my friends have stopped listening even before I started speaking. For the longest time, I have asked God to heal me from insecurities that I have long had inside of me. 
And today, following the victory of last night, I finally understood the absurdity of my thinking. 
Tonight, I realized that it has nothing to do with me or how I look. That sometimes life doesn’t give you what you want but it doesn’t make you less of who you are. That even if you were the ripest peach in the world, there would still be someone who detests peaches. 
So I guess I’m just letting you know that sometimes it really has nothing to do with you. It’s not that you’re lacking, it’s just that it wasn’t meant to be. 

This is another victory and I’m thanking God for it. 
Simply let people have their own happiness and pray that one day, it will finally be your time. 
Until then, we celebrate victories and believe God for more.