random observations on a tuesday morning


I got out of bed early today considering that my class is at 11:45. So, what exactly did I do today? I went to the gym ( haha, laugh your heart out my dear hs friends, I actually got around to doing it. *wink*) Anyway, instead of doing the normal weights, I went in and joined the aero class.
Good choice.
I wasn’t able to dance at all. Instead, I was laughing my way all throughout the excersice. I don’t want to be mean, but I swear… its so funny. Imagine all these well “older” women dancing around and if the instructor tells them to go to the right they go to the left and vice versa. I wish I could have recorded that excersice and placed it in my multiply account. Haha… mean again.

I really want to write a million more things but I realized that my class is starting soon and I still have to do a lot of things.
So ill blog again soon.

Spread the love;))