Real Men Belong To Jesus


I was inspired by this man today, Kaka.
Scarlett tagged me a link to a blog that spoke of Kaka’s amazing testimony and wow, real men should be like him.
Based on the blog, Kaka was a virgin when he got married to his high school sweetheart and every time he won, he showed of this shirt for the entire world to see.
What an amazing testimony of His goodness!
That got me thinking. Hollywood and pretty much every other avenue of media always reminds us that a real man must party every night, drive a spankin‘ car and have every single girl hanging on to his every word. He must also be a “sex” maniac and must bed a number of girls in order to be considered cool.
Especially if these men are of the same level as Kaka. you know celebrities, athletes and all those other “branded” people.
Kaka’s testimony just proves that real men belong to Jesus and that guys who tend to prove their masculinity otherwise isn’t worth our time.
Real men don’t wave their banners of masculinity, instead they focus on giving glory to our creator by living lives that reflect His glory.
Come to think of it, everyone’s been blessed with something and that’s a great opportunity for us to manifest His glory through us and yet, we are absorbed with the standards of the world and with all these great talents, there’s not an ounce of humility.
And to add to that, we seem to admire it. We seem to admire the irresponsible nature of men and at the same time, applaud promiscuous behavior.
Us girls must stand up and start to act, to stop “crushing” on guys who do nothing but get drunk, get high, sleep with girls and pretend that they’re rockstars when in reality, they’re too busy spending their family’s money, switching from one course to another.
Girls, Kaka is an example of the man that God wants His daughters to have: humble in Him and living life within His boundaries.
It’s refreshing to know that somehow, men like Kaka still exists.