Reasons Proving That I’m Still A High School Student


1) I’m Obsessed with the Twilight Series

I’m reading Midnight Sun right now and got frustrated that I couldn’t print it out since I want to read it this weekend.

2) I still enjoy high school sanctioned events

Being part of the IB Team brought me back to being a high school student again and I thoroughly enjoyed thier “Rockin’ IB” Concert last night. And let me tell you one thing, spending the whole day with these kids can be very therapuetic. And no one can argue with the fact that I still look like a high school student 😀

3) My playlist consists of songs that would embarass any legal aged, employed citizen of the Philippines, so don’t even ask what’s on it. . . But listen to Ne-yo’s new album: LOVELY.

4) I have all of these silly infatuations!

For the past six months, I tried to act all mature and try to like guys for their brains, what they finished and how interesting conversationalists they are etc etc, but I didn’t realize how boring that can be! So i’m going back to the old adage of liking someone just because he’s cute. Don’t worry, I’m not getting engaged anytime soon anyway 😀