Redeem My Heart, O Lord


If you’re a girl, you’ve probably felt at one point in your life the feeling of intense pain when a guy told you that you were either:

A) too fat
B) too demanding
C) or just plain annoying for being you

Yes, your heart has probably been butchered because a guy said he would call but he didn’t.

I don’t know why girls like to go through such intense pain but whatever stupid choices we’ve had in the past, it all leads to one thing: our broken and sometimes so impossible to put back together shattered hearts.

Earlier this night i went through the tragedy of insensitive words spun together to degrade my inner being and i just broke down.

For one thing I was grateful because I was able to survive it and second I broke down because finally the weight has been lifted!

Because the only person who could redeem my heart and all my fears and insecurities is God and Him alone.

It felt good, i felt better than i have in two years because God’s peace overwhelms!

I learned and became better because of it without losing my belief in happy endings written by the greatest storyteller of all.

If you’re going through a rough patch or feeling like you won’t get out of the hole you’re in, don’t believe that lie.

You may not have the strength but God has all that You need and in time, you will breakdown for the last time and He will lift you up and you will never be the same again.