Relationship Status: In a relationship with ______


Since Facebook has been another vehicle for me to bring out my inner stalker!
I have been noticing people’s relationships statuses a lot simply because in some profiles that’s all that there is to it.
Nothing about work, nothing about their birthdays, nothing about where they live just something as simple as this “in a relationship with _____”.
As if being in a relationship with someone is enough to justify your entire personality which is just stupid if you ask me.
You’re a whole person on your own, so why depend your entire personality on one single fact?
Here’s my take on it: when you enter a relationship, yes it’s great, it’s amazing that there’s this one person who loves you as much as you love them or maybe even more, but it should never be the basis of who you are simply because there are so many things that make up who you are.
It’s so annoying when girls think that the only time that they matter is when they’re “in a relationship” with someone, I’d understand if it was Zac Efron or Chris Pine, but come on!
I guess what I’m trying to say is this: in this era of Obama, I think it’s kind of old fashioned to depend our self worth on whether or not we have a hot boyfriend or a boyfriend period.
I think it’s time for girls to realize that when they’re successful on their own they don’t need a man to justify their existence, a boyfriend is an accessory but one that does not define us.
Do you let your Chanel define you? I’m just saying.
Now, this shouldn’t be taken out of context, I respect the man in my life but he doesn’t make up who I am.
Besides, if you don’t love and value yourself and just depend your life on who you’re “in a relationship” with then what’s going to happen when he leaves?