remind me when…



1) Plaster our pictures all over m y multiply, friendster,myspace and blogger accounts.

2) Change my status to “married” or fill my profile with details concerning my relationship. After all people may be checking my profile because of…oh yeah…ME!

3) Ban or restrict him from having friends. Not to take him away from his friends (even if they are girls) and I WILL allow him to freely do whatever he wants (if he respects and loves me, he’ll know his limitations) and allow him to have a LIFE.

4) To flaunt my relationship by kissing and other cheesy things couples do in public (otherwise known as P.D.A.) Holding hands is enough, other than that…PLEASE.

5) NOT trust my boyfriend. I got in that relationship for a reason, one of them (i’m guessing) is because I am in love with him therefore I trust him.

6) Stay in the relationship if I don’t trust him.

7) Yammer on and on about my relationship to my friends.

8) Be consumed by him or the relationship.

9) NOT keep things private. Our business is ours and ours alone.

10) To lose who I am and my sense of self. To prioritize my lovelife above my priorites (such as school and my family). When I get a boyfriend, he would not complete me because by that time I am already complete. Instead he would make my complete life even better. I can live without him but I chose not to because I want him to stay and not because I need him.