I was quite inspired by a blog entry my good friend, Patty shared with me (read it here: (

My parents raised me to be a resilient girl. My parents told me that if you want something, you go after it simply because nobody will hand it to you.

That may be the reason why I ever since I was little I have been driven by goals, i grew up a incessant dreamer it also helped a lot that my parents always told me that nothing was impossible.

Believe me, for seven year old me the impossibilities were endless. However, being goal oriented also means being future oriented.

To a fault, it was quite impossible for me to sit still simply because my mind is always racing (I think i have undiagnosed ADD). If I’m not working towards my goal, I’m dreaming about ways to fulfill it, which is really a great thing but then again the Bible also says that it is important for us to rest and not worry about tomorrow– which is something foreign to me.

For me to be at rest means that I have exhausted all options and there’s nothing left for me to do. As long as I can do something about a situation, I’m working on it and that includes worrying. Two entirely unhealthy things simply because well it leaves me tired and worried– two things Jesus said I’ll never be.

Also I have noticed that while I’m constantly working towards “perfect moments” in the future i am missing out in the little things that matter, which is very important.

It’s wonderful what God uses to remind us of what’s important– truly at the end of the day, no matter how I prepare for something, God will not allow it if it’s not in His will.

so in order for me to live my life to the fullest it is important for me to immerse myself in God’s word and through that know the direction God has planned for my life. It is always quite important to remember that God will never let us in the entire plan, that He shows it to us one by one, requiring a lot of faith on our parts– something that was difficult for me at the beginning since I’m a control freak.

Often in days of panic, I take a deep breath and tell myself that “God is good all the time and He won’t allow anything to destroy me for I am His child.”

Also whenever rejection comes I no longer fall apart but believe that God will not take away from me what is rightfully mine and what He has willed for my life. In His kingdom, what’s mine is mine.

Resting in God’s name also allows me to remember that I am just a small part in God’s kingdom and although I was put on this earth for a purpose, i am reminded of God’s greatness and how my worries are trivial.

So this weekend, I pray that you find this rest, the kind that makes you sleep soundly at night without worries.

God’s got it 🙂