reunited on asian’s 18th


Last night was Ms. Fashionista Asian’s debut and me and my wonderful batchmates were once again reunited and do you want to know how it felt?
It felt wonderful.
It felt wonderful to be back together. All the corny jokes and antics were revived and brought back together. The people who called me Bianca were all at one place and it felt great.
We all had the same feelings about college. We were all having fun but we missed the jokes we shared. The jokes that only we could understand.
The almost five hours I spent with my high school “posse” made up for all the loneliness I feel in college. I had so much fun. Laughing was as normal as breathing. We cracked over the same things without even a single word.
It was like being back in high school but so much better. My friends all looked wonderful, matured. Haha. Matured. The girls were simply beautiful and the guys so handsome.
I felt like my old self, not that i don’t like my new “improved” self, I do but it doesn’t mean that getting nostalgic once in awile.
Being with them is something I couldn’t explain. All I know is that i’m happy. Really happy that I was with them.
I wish I could explain how im feeling more and how wonderful it was. but I agree with someone who said that sometimes words just get in the way.

Pictures are coming soon. As soon as I transffer them to a cd. 😉

mwah mwah mwah 🙂