School of Firsts


“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men,”
– Colossians 3:23

I remember in high school when we were asked what we wanted to do after college, I was one of the first few who was quick to say, “I want to become a teacher.” 

Of course in high school, I never had an inkling of what it truly entailed to become a teacher and only brought with me this (detailed in my pink journal), I want to teach because I want kids to feel special and never to feel rejected.

Okay, it was definitely a child’s dream but still I believed that I would be able to do just that and make each kid (at least each of my own) would feel special. So two years into my corporate job, I quit and decided to embark upon my lifelong dream: teaching.

It has been two years since then and I am truly grateful at how God has fulfilled my childhood dream because apart from becoming an educational therapist (a job I love to the core), as of today, I am also a pre school teacher!

Which is both exciting and scary. The rush of emotions I felt today as I laid the final touches of my classroom (with a lot and I do mean a lot of help, I am still the girl who cannot, for the life of me cut a straight line!) were insane.

I was fearful, excited and just amazed at how God has worked in my life and yes, it may have taken a different route than what I have expected but I truly would not have it any other way because the route was yes, challenging, but it was in that route that I truly knew how to trust (still learning) in God and God alone.

So here’s a toast to new beginnings! Can’t wait to share my brand new adventures with a blog that has been with me through it all *tear*. 🙂

PS: Don’t worry, God is working on your dream too.