Situations that further prove that i am a huge dork-fus. *smile*


* The other night while watching One Tree Hill, I found myself crying and enraged at Haley (Pao agrees with me with this one) for leaving Nathan. It was as if these characters were real and I was a part of thier whole drama. (So glad Jake is back!)

*While the head of the school I was applying to explained to me how the school works etc etc, I ended up crying. Why? Maybe because I was overwhelmed by the information and the realization that I may be switiching courses and school. It was so embarassing, especially since everyone in the office asked what I was crying about. Seriously, the stopped working and asked what was wrong. It was as if im in kindergarten, not college.

*Vending machines don’t accept hundred peso bills no matter how many times you kick it. I should have known that.

*When taking entracne tests, its better to sit still. Don’t tap, don’t clack your tounge, look outside the windows (the blinds are kindda distracting, I realize) and don’t sigh heavily. Trust me ont his or else, the guy who’s also taking the test will give you dubious looks as if saying, “Ang ingay naman!” Oh, how I rememeber those Lance ssshhhing days!

* When your mom shows you a shirt (its what I have to wear every Friday, since Fridays are “casual” days) that seems to be a little too big for you. Don’t argue or whine like I did. Instead, try it on and you’ll realize that it only looks huge. Oh and don’t do it in a room filled with soon to be school mates. Not such a great impression. How I wish they didn’t notice. Hehe.

*I am an almost adult now so its not such a good idea to tug your dad’s arm while saying, “I want to wwaaaaaaaaaattttch!” Just because you thought you couldn’t tag along when he watches the basketball game (my brother and I did tag along and SMB won-yeehhey!!). Yup, not such a good idea.

* If your younger brother subsequently asks you who your new crush is, its better to just ignore him rather than saying in a rather annoying manner, “Guess Who! Guess Who” over and over. He finally gets annoyed and tackles you. This is so not cute since he is now taller than I am by two inches and thirty pounds heavier.

*I watch cheesy televenovelas while switiching to anything good on ETC, a basketball game and As Told by Ginger. (kapamilya ‘to! haha)

*I can watch a basketball game, an ETC show, cheesy televenovela all at the same time without ever having to miss out on anything significant. If that’s not considered a talent, I don’t know what is. *wink*

* I don’t like “normal” guys. This should be a problem for thirteen year olds and not a self actualized 16 soon to be 17 year old.

Wait a minute… am i even self actualized? =))