Sixteen Again.


Last night my high school friends dragged me out of the house and over a few drinks we reminisced over years past.

It felt good to laugh with people you used to bicker with, people you used to fight with and a person you used to be deeply infatuated with.

It felt good to look back and just laugh over what used to be such difficult dramas.

It felt good to be sixteen again and get kilig simply because you were sitting beside your high school crush.

Life was suddenly easy and light– the way it should be but often we forget because of life’s daily troubles.

It was exactly what God knew I needed simply because I have been praying for the longest time for my heart to be revived again and God in His own way has shown me that life doesn’t have to be difficult and all you need is Him and a few good friends.

It felt good because admit it a part of you would always be sixteen and that’s not a bad thing because in it lies the dreamer that always believes in the good side of life and the eternal optimist that believes that God has great plans for us.

Have you revisited your 16 year old self lately?