Social scorecard


A few days ago, my dad said something about how people project their lives on social media, “Of course everyone is smiling on Facebook and Instgram, but we don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors.” 

My dad, who’s updated on all social media sites although he doesn’t have accounts of his own, knows all about this alternate universe we have created for ourselves. 
While it’s all good fun to upload, edit, and filter our lives away, I sometimes wonder if we do so to prove a point. God knows I have been doing that for so long. 
However, I have come to realize one important point, why does it even matter? 

In a world where we are all desperately trying to prove that we have better lives, what satisfaction do we get if we do end up with the better life? Does that make us a winner or does it drive us to even prove our worth even more? 
Wouldn’t life be better if we simply let the competition go and simply relish in what we do have? To be grateful and wish everyone else well? 
I constantly tell myself that someone having something doesn’t take anything away from me. There’s more than enough for everyone. 
And this is one lesson i really hope to take to heart and learn this 2015.