“some people believe in my insanity!” (this is going on and on in my head in a very cool tune!)


A local morning talk show had a very interesting topic last week. It was about love for family and of course love for that special significant other. (Filipinos always love sappy stories and believe in all that mushfest, so don’t blame me.)
Anyway, what got my attention was the fact that the people interviewed for that day all believed in DESTINY. So, that proves that I am not insane after all. *sigh*
There was one couple who were separated for seventeen years and then saw each other and got back together. Seventeen years!! Also, one actress said that even before you have met that person God had it all figured out. Very well said.=)

So, I am not insane. See, there are people who believe in what I believe in no matter how crappy it sounds. Its either that or there is really something wrong with this country.