Still Standing


I grew up in church. Having a pastor for a grandfather forces a five-year old to get up at the crack of dawn to attend Sunday School. Yes, I grew up reading the Bible, singing songs of praise and spending time in prayer, but that doesn’t mean that I understood what I was doing.

My spiritual life only kicked into gear after everything in my life fell apart and all that I could cling to was my faith and the promise that something better was in store.

When you’ve just been through an ordeal that eats you up, swallows you and spits you out, all you can do is cry for awhile, get up slowly and be grateful for the little things that used to be ordinary. I cannot explain the weight of this sentence but you start appreciating people more, you start being grateful for the situations that didn’t matter too much before.

I think it’s called humility.

It saves you, you know. It brings you back down to earth and makes you realize that life isn’t about perfection, it’s not as enchanting as you expected it to be but it’s what you have.

You appreciate it, edges and all. You just become grateful for the little things and let life surprise you everyday.

Because even if the whole world falls apart, you’ll come to realize that it can still surprise you and yes, it can still blow your mind.

That is if you’re tough enough to stand strong and take the next hit