that is so cheesy


Its no mystery that my stupid computer has been infested once again by a pesky virus that just wouldn’t go away so I’m force to use the internet cafe in our village. Well, a lot of things could happen when your inside an internet cafe.
– For one thing, a guy who’s seated beside you could repeatedly say the words, “awww,come on” and laugh. Talking to no one in particular. If thats not freaky, i don’t know what is.
– Another one happened today. The guy beside me is obviously talking to someone on his phone, obviously his girlfriend. They are in a middle of a fight, I can tell. And I bet the girl doesn’t want to believe he’s in a interet cafe. Wanna know how I figured that out? Well, he turned on the volume of his headset and place his phone infront of it. Its annoying. Why couldn’t that girl just believe him. Duh.
Game four today. GO SMB!!!!=))