The Baby Blue Eyes Challenge


I love books. 

I am also especially intrigued by fascinating stories. 

This little blog entry is a little bit of both.

You see in mid 2011, I was intrigued by a specific celebrity’s autobiography, only because it spoke so much about God’s power in His life, however, I decided not to focus too much on him as a person and instead focus on him as God’s servant.

I grew up in a Christian home with Christian grandparents and Christian Values, safe to say that I have been around Christians my entire life. Growing up in a school that mainly focused on PACES, I have come to know great Christians who lived way before my time who gave up their lives for the wonderful cause of Jesus. 

Around the same time, I have been hearing and believing the power of the grace of God. I understand that we are all sinners and that is the reason why Jesus have died for us, however, I often got uncomfortable whenever people, who proclaimed themselves as Christ’s servants often did things the easy way and used the grace card to get away with whatever it is that they did. For a time there was a huge disappointment and sometimes I felt guilty for being overly judgmental. 

So you must believe my skepticism when the news suddenly spoke of a guy who was using his fame to bring glory to Jesus. I was a skeptic but at the same time I was also amazed at how brave he was and so the search for the elusive book began. 

I searched Canada, Singapore (through well meaning friends), and even the biggest bookstores in the Philippines but never found it. It took months for me to search for it and I couldn’t find it, so I went ahead and gave up on the search.

Until one day, out of the blue, the book found me. To some, it may not seem dramatic or even worthy of a blog entry dedicated to it, but i’ve always been a big believer of divine connections, appointments and interventions.

God knew that my eyes needed to be opened and since I am His child and He created me, He knew the best way to get to me– through my immovable belief in serendipity.

More than anything, the book left me challenged.

I never realized that yes grace does exist, but grace is not an excuse for us to live our lives on the average. 

If God wanted us to be average then he wouldn’t have promised His supernatural strength working in us. It just amazed me and at the same time, challenged me. 

What was the life that I was living? 

And I really couldn’t comment as to whether the impact would have been the same if he wasn’t good looking or as popular as he was, however, I believe this is the platform God used for Him and it was working wonders, especially for those who dare to look beyond his baby blue eyes long enough to hear (or in my case read) what his story is about and most importantly who the story was about. 

And I am glad that I found that book because God truly has a plan for everything, because more than anything, I needed a different kind of push and passion in my life and I was beyond glad that God used my most favorite things in life to wake me up and propel my passion into something greater than the petty things I often concern myself with. 

Praise God for continually pursuing us with so much fervor and passion, truly He is more than enough.

He is a good God, an amazing one and I can’t wait for the next step in my journey.