The Big B


My newspaper day is Friday. Of course I read the newspaper every single day, especially last week when the Australian open was happening (boo delayed telecast!!). But Fridays are different, ever since I was a little girl, I would wait for Friday to come so I could read the Young Star Section which at that time was the only section that I could understand. However, now that I am 18 and almost an adult (elk), I’ve started reading more compelling articles in the other sections but still Friday is still very close to my heart. The writers have come and gone but a few favorites have emerged such as Michelle Katigbak and Francesca Ayala. Their articles yesterday were both very close to home, but I choose Ms. Ayala’s article to write about today.

For one thing, we’ve gone through the same thing.

Losing friends to betrayal, that’s what The Big B means: Betrayal. The article has come at the right time for me because I have been thinking about betrayal ever since I read about what Oprah’s sister did to her for $19,000!! It’s tricky really because most people don’t know when they have crossed the line when it comes to betrayal. Everyone always has some sordid excuse when it comes to doing something inhumane. After they’ve broken a trust, they go on and pretend that its okay, it happens that doesn’t make them a bad person.

I’ve lost so much in my life due to betrayal, ex friends spreading nasty things about me. Friends who go behind my back and steal my crush-of-the-moment, Lance Bass pretending to be straight, or just friends stopping to be friends without any smart reason why.

I have encountered all of these things that I don’t know if I can take so much anymore. The answer is: Betrayal is always present; it’s always lurking around friendships, family and relationships. It doesn’t stop; it just goes on and on and on. My question is, if it’s ever so present, how can one ever handle it?

If I had an answer to that then I’d probably not be writing this entry right now. The closest that I could get to answering that one is by staying away from people, by no longer trusting people with my heart and sincere friendship.

But, what kind of life would I have if that ever happens?


Again, I’m stumped with an answer. Any form of betrayal cuts through the heart.

But then again: Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Really Does Make You Stronger.

So maybe after all these nonsense stops, I’d get the answer to my question because experience is also the best teacher!
Haha. Clichés all the way.