the essential goodbye


i absolutely hate goodbyes.

i’m the type of girl who cries when a season of my favorite shows end (imagine the tears when i actually have to part with it during series finales) and at airports even if i’m simply dropping off my dad for an out of town game.
i also feel like crying whenever i think of parting with my favorite students.
i think you got my point, i hate goodbyes. i hate ending meaningful relationships that once made me smile.
but as joyce meyer said, it’s inevitable. there are people who you wish would stay forever in your life, but more often than not, they don’t.
it’s quite sad to think that people you once shared close relationships with, people you once relied on and people whom you thought would share the journey with.
relationships can be shattered by betrayal among other things but sometimes they just fall apart. you don’t understand why, you don’t know the reason behind it but somehow, they just fall apart without a warning. before you know it, your most cherished relationships are gone and you’re left with nothing but good memories.
i used to hate goodbyes but now that i understand that God has a season for everything and everyone. there are seasons when we need certain people in our lives and you just have to thank Him that during those times you needed them, they were there.
and although the series of goodbyes that happened to me recently weren’t pretty, well what goodbye is? i stand strong in faith knowing that God has purpose behind it.
probably, in the goodbyes that i’ve had recently, God was merely teaching me not to rely on other people, because at the end of the day, we should really just rely on Him and on His goodness to make me feel complete.
i pray that the relationships i’ve lost would be restored when the time is right, but if they don’t, i’m still grateful because so much has happened in the past six months and without those people, it would have not been possible.
God has a plan and there’s no way that i’m bitter.
It’s another chapter of my life that I have to close and I’m looking forward to the people that I will discover along the way.