the fat girl strikes again


Highschool friends have that way of making you go back to who you used to be. In my case, its that unself-actual;ized girl who weighed more than your average 16 year old. She had zero confidence to speak of. Whenever I meet up with people from my highschool, I’d always be that loser who never had a date.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my highschool friends dearly, but who I was a year ago isn’t exactly who I am now. Meeting up with these friends still leave a part of me inferior. It makes me perfectly normal system go haywire and disoriented. What is it with highschool friends anyway? Or just highschool in general?

I saw “just friends” last week and I know how the main character feels like. Haha. The movie wasn’t that good (I even forgot the main characters’ names, so yeah, it wasn’t good at all hehe) but I could relate to it. Highschool was loser time for me and I can’t help but feel that way whenever I have lunch with them.
I don’t know if that exactly is a good thing. Familiarity is supposed to be a good thing but right now, I don’t think so. It kindda pulls me back to who I used to be. NOT trying to be dramatic here but yeah, its awkwards to be with these people and realized that yeahuh, you’ve changed but to your hs friends you’ll always be who you were labeled to be at highschool:)