the heart of a champion


Manny Pacquiao won again today. I must admit prior to the fight, I didn’t want him to win (okay, Pinoys all over the world, kick me now). Blame this on all of the bad publicity that he bombarded the papers in te past weeks. Also, I hate the fact that he denied his other child, but then again, that is none of my business.
The other reason that I didn’t want him to win may also be due to the fact that Erik Morales is just so CUTE AND HOT. *drool drool drool* Also, I have this thing with arrogant people (allegedly). Also, I cringe at the sight of anyone getting hurt physically or emotionally or verbally.
But I must admit that after “the people’s champ” won, all my prejudiced about him changed (except of course my admiration for El Terrible and his lovely accent haha). What I saw in Pacman after winning was beyond admirable,it was breathtaking. I had tears in my eyes when I saw him hug Morales after the fight and when I heard what he prayed for before the fight (that none of them would get hurt).
All my negative connotations about him changed in an instant. He was a true champion at heart. Humility is the true virtue of champions.
The camaradire of the Filipinos every time Manny Pacquiao has a fight never ceases to amaze me. I wish that we’d have that kind of togetherness even if Manny is not knocking someone else down (especially a cute one).
So Congratulations Pacman:) And Erik, you have stolen my heart. haHaha:)