The never-ending list of people I want to shower with hugs and kisses for Valentine’s Day:-)


(I’m a cynic and forever will be. I still believe that Valentine’s day was made as an excuse to spend money on useless things and for the unfortunate singles to sulk. BUT, I was reminded earlier that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for those with significant others, in fact its for everyone. So here are my thanks to those people who fill my life with love and laughter. I’m alone this Vday but because of these people, I am not lonely)

Zena- Tsong! We’re actually in college already:) Thank you for keeping in touch, I really appreciate you still being there for me and checking up on me from time to time. Tried and tested, twolet ka talaga:-) Kailan date natin ha?!

Karla- The distance didn’t maim our friendship, it even brought us closer. Thanks for confiding in me and for the testimonials I’m always giddy to get.:-) You’re coming home soon! YES! Manila’s been missing you and so have I!:-)

Ashley- ASHLEY JUDD, HUH? I was going through your letters about a month ago and I can’t help but laugh about the things we used to talk about. How shallow could we get huh? Haha! I miss you! When are you coming home?! Thanks for keeping in touch and thanks for always putting a smile on my face with your whacked out sms’es, testimonials, messages and phone calls. CALL ME SOON, I MISS YOU!:-)

Candice- So, we never really got to see each other na?! Grrr. I miss you;-) And I miss the good old orange days. Haaay, when did we grow up anyway and why did it happen so fast? We’re turning 18 soon! *sigh* Thank you so much for talking to me that one time that I really needed someone. Thank you for still being the same old you. When I talk to you, its as if I’m twelve again.:-) I am blessed to have a friend as wonderful as you.:-)

Daisy- Chimangas! I am so sorry I don’t get to call anymore.:-( School’s been really hectic, more hectic than usual. I miss your kwentos na (how’s nico? Haha don’t kill me because I posted this on my blog, haha!) and your oblivious way of making me laugh. I miss us dissing people… waaah! I miss you daize! I will call you soon, reply to my messages kasi noh! Sometimes all I can ever do is text hehe.:-) Stay sexy, thanks for being the daisy I always knew and loved.:-) Don’t change when you’re in La Salle na, awayin kita eh! Haha. Mwah!

Pia, otherwise known as MY SOEUR- 2005 was an amazing year cause the Lord blessed me with a little sister like you;-) Its crazy because most of the time, I feel like the 15 year old instead of the 18 year old. Thank you for listening to me when I’m grumpy, ecstatic or just plain bored. You are a blessing in my life.:-) I really appreciate you opening up to me and sharing all the its and bits of your life.:-) Our Soeurs’ Day Out is still pending, we MUST MUST see each other soon.:-) I love you soeur! Stay beautiful inside and out my little sister, there is a lot out there for you. You deserve the best cause you have such a big heart.:-)

Pao- Marcelo! Haha! I miss you nate! Hehe. Our friendship is something that I could never understand. We hardly see each other but you’re always there when I need advice, they make sense so thank you.:-) When are we going to watch the game together? Haha, magaling ka lang mag plano eh! Haha, thanks for replying everytime I need you.:-) Hope to see you soon! Player parin ba? – basketball? *wink*

Kax- Hey, we never get to see or talk to each other anymore eversince this chaos, otherwise known as college, started but still I want to say thank you for ever being so encouraging. You encourage me a lot and I have no idea if you even know it, so I’m telling you now. You have always been an amazing friend. I miss you my onelet:-) I am just a text away. You are so pretty already… Huh, further proof that ugly ducklings do grow into swans, huh? Mwah:-)

Ann, TWIN- We’ve always had our differences before and its quite amazing that you are one of the very few people I keep in touch with. Our “conversations” make me smile and its funny to think that we think exactly alike- twin intuition? Hehe. Thanks for the messages (especially during Christmas!) and thanks for the encouragement as well. The single life is the good life, noh? I am looking forward to our date, wouldn’t miss it for the world:-). Mwah mwah mwah!

Sasha- chika! Hehe, I know we hardly get to talk or hang out, but you’ve been the sweetest and I really really appreciate it. We shall bond more ha? And thanks for always leaving comments on my blog. Mwah 🙂

Inah- hyper buddy!:-) Your text messages make me giggle and smile all the time.:-) Thanks for sharing with me the kilig kwentos.:-) Thanks for being such a cute friend.:-)

Jen- mamuch! So, where is your debut going to be ba and what do we have to wear? Get your computer fixed, I miss your entries! Thanks for introducing me to the world of blogs in 2004. Thanks for everything and I do mean EVERYTHING. I know you’re happy and I am glad you are. Don’t sweat, the Lord is simply preparing the BEST guy for you. Wait for him because I know that he will be worth the wait. Call me soon!:-)

Mady- beautiful! Hehe thanks for the quotes. Mwah.:-)

Jericho- peaches, flattered ka you’re on my list. Haha!:-) Thanks for making me smile with your bolas! Hehe. For the record: they don’t work. Haha!:-p

Carlos (Galant!)- Why don’t you treat me as much as you treat them? ANG DAYA! Hehe, seriously thank you for being so nice and generous ha! It is very much appreciated. Thanks for the advices too (suddenly I realize that I ask everyone for advice, haha!). Thank you for being so nice:-) Oh and thanks for enduring the “girl talks” we indulge ourselves in every break time. Hehe.:-)

Pierre- thanks for being a grouch… haha!:-) Where’s my blueberry cheesecake ha?!

Yukari- Thanks for being so sweet.:-)

Mark- textmate!:-) Thanks for helping me out with EVERYTHING. School, life, love life, ecology (ohmy! He can really talk for three hours straight *snore!*) Thanks for truly being a kuya to me.:-) I wish you all the best because you deserve it:-) See you soon! We never got to to go to E.K. and we never got to ice sakte! Boo-hoo. Miss you!:-) Neck tie ko! Haha:-p

Karsy- I really really miss hanging out with you.:-( I miss our talks on the phone too.:-( Thank you for the quotes and for never failing to greet me with a smile everytime you see me. Thanks too for sweet testimonials, I know they’re heartfelt, thank you:-) I miss our service moments with mike! Oooohhh which reminds me, thank you for keeping “the secret”. Hehe. I miss you talaga karsy:-( I really hope to talk and hang out with you soon. Thanks for being a real friend, my hyena.:-)

Chorong – Krung Krung gumanda ka lang you forgot about me na!:-( Joke lang, hehe!:-) Seriously, I miss our conversations too! They always made sense, remember the times before second term and we talked and texted almost everyday? I miss that:-( Thanks for being there for me during that time and thanks for keeping my secret!:-) I am really happy for you and your new love life (cuttie ah!). Stay beautiful and I miss having classes with you.:-) Don’t transfer na kasi! Hehe. Love you bru! Mwah!:-) (by the way, I so didn’t get your testimonial, make me a new one naman… hehe:-))

Pinky (Skip-her)- You are so SWEET. You aura never fails to make me smile.:-) I am so glad that you are one of my closest friends. Thanks for being so nice and sweet.:-) And thanks for not being such a paranoid girlfriend, nol’s safe with us.:-) Love you pinx:-)

NOLAN (JUNAR!)- Haay, where do I start? Oh wait, did I tell you that I actually thought you were gay? Haha! Thanks for helping me out during 1st term registration. Junar, you are more than a comic, you are an AMAZING friend and I super love you for it:-) You never fail to make me laugh and snap me out of a bad mood, but when you listened to me last Tuesday, I was really touched.:-) Thanks for showing me your concern and thanks for being a REAL friend.:-) UY, flattered. Seriously, you have been such a blessing.:-) Stay Junarish. Love ya! Mwah!:-) TO more junarisms ah?!

Shine- SHINE! THE SINGING SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE.:-) I know we’ve had our misunderstandings before but I’m glad we got passed through that and we’re better friends. Ay nako, your advices and encouragements always inspire me to do better.:-) Thank you so much for believing in me, thank you for all the nice words you have to say about me and thank you thank you for always always making me smile with all your kabaliwans:-) They brighten up my day talaga.:-) TO more tres hyenas moments, secret buddy (awww, from the start pa lang, destined to be dissers na, haha!).:-) I love you sunny, stay beautiful, amazing and crazy:-)

DUO!- WHOA! Where do I even start? Gash. You’ve been the best friend I never had (aww… gush gush). I know right now we’re experiencing bumps in the road (not bumps elsewhere! Huh, what are you thinking of ha? Hehe) but I know this would only strengthen our friendship. Thank you so much for everything- chocokak, new songs, burnt cds, letters, galaxy chocolates, cute boyfriend pictures (my Nathan picture is in my planner), diet methods (whoops, secret’s out haha) and secrets. Thank you for being such an amazing DUO!:-) I am so blessed to have a sister, a co-disser, a co- basketball fanatic (you should watch with me soon) and a bestfriend all rolled into one.:-) Our chocokaklandia dreams shall come true soon.:-) Loveya duo.:-)

Carl- for spying for me. Haha.:-) As far as younger brothers go, you aren’t that bad. Haha.:-) Get rid of the faulty mood swings or else you’ll turn into me. Haha. 🙂 thanks for being cool my little brother and I know you don’t tattle on me ALL THE TIME, just half of it. Oh and please let me use the landline every once in awhile, I actually get phone calls you know. Haha. I love you and you will always be my baby. 🙂

Ate- thank you for all the things you send! Haha! 🙂 I am so spoiled! Hehe.:-) Thanks for answering my emails all the time, I know some of them can be pretty lengthy! I miss you, please come home soon OR I hope I visit you there soon. Come home for my 18th!:-) I love you!

Kuya- haay. Where do I even start? Thanks for being my inspiration, you have been that idol my entire life and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.:-) I love you and come home again, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time the last time you were here! Hehe:-)

MY DEAR PARENTS- I love you both. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I am so not going to enumerate EVERYTHING that I want to thank you for because I know you guys know them already. I am so blessed to have parents like you, its not a perfect relationship but I know you guys love me to death and that alone is enough.:-) The both of you inspire me to do better in all aspects of my life. Okay, I am stopping now this is too mushy- even for me.:-) Love you both oh so much. 🙂

TO everyone else who I may have forgotten, forgive me, I may have forgotten you but I don’t love you any less. You know me, I feel older than Sir Lewis most of the time because I keep forgetting things. 🙂

TO those of you who actually have someone this season, I hate you, break away from it, you need your freedom… I’M JUST KIDDING!:-p What I’m trying to say is actually the opposite, take care of that relationship, you don’t know how many people wish they had it. Don’t ruin it because of something totally random, cherish it. 🙂 Go celebrate Valentine’s Day 2006 in the mushiest way possible (and be included on the list of people I want to whack in the head because of too much PDA- ewww…KIDDING again. Okay, half kidding)

And TO those of you who don’t have anyone: Join the club! HAHA. Anyway, don’t worry, don’t frown it’s a wonderful world and there are other ways to share the love( take it from me, kidding again) 🙂 I really don’t need to tell you that there’s someone out there because I know you’ve heard it before. Enjoy this season despite the feeling of animosity felt towards those people all kishy-kishy and surrounded by all of those roses/chocolates. Even if it seems like no one shares your pain, be optimistic and trust in the fact that: YES THERE ARE PEOPLE LONELY FOR THE 18TH VALENTINE’S DAY IN A ROW! Haha!:-p

Seriously, live to love guys:-) and just like what I told Jen… someday, it will all be worth the wait:-) I love you guys:-) Enjoy it:-)