The Stupid Of The Month Award Goes To…


All the craziest things happened over the weekend. Which is really weird if you ask me.
Some of them are ultra negative (if you read the papers and watched the game last Sunday, then you probably know why) and are not worth my free blog space at all.

As I write this, I am still wondering if I should write it down since it’s not exactly the smartest experience that all of 20 of us have gone through but still it was just spankin’ hilarious that I couldn’t help but share it with the world (Ate Cheska, SORRY!)

The entire month of January, my family, my extended family and I were utterly excited over the fact that our little angel’s yaya would be on deal or no deal.

I mean SERIOUSLY, WOULDN’T YOU BE JUMPING for joy over the fact that:

A) You’ll be on national television

B) Have all those snooty girls see you and be your friend the next day

C) Get to see “THE” Kris Aqunio *aheomw*

D) The prospect that you’d get the million

E) Choosing the briefcase is damn cool

F) You’ll be seen on national television

So, for the rest of the month, everyone was excited, picking out clothes to wear and all of the fuss included when you wold appear on national TV.

Finally February 05 arrived and we were all so excited that we forgot to think if this whole thing was real or not.

Maybe, i’m getting excited. So i’ll tell the ENTIRE STORY using a timetable to make it an easy read.

9:30 AM: I wake up, eat cereal and watch Cold Case. Still groggy from coming home at around two from the dinner after the game.

10:00: Attempt to work out.

10:07: Give up and watch Cold Case again.

11:15: Mother asks me to get ready

11:20: Fell asleep watching Cold Case. (Danny Pino is still hot though)

11:30: Mother forces me to get up and get dressed. In my mind “ABS, here we come” and constantly choose what briefcase to open first (my choice: 25)

12:00: Arrive at Tita Martiess’ house which is jampacked with people who looked mighty fine. The reason why is because yaya said that there should be twenty people, no more, no less according to the Deal people.

12:30: Eat a GREAT lunch, Ate Cheska said that shuttle would arrive around 3:30

Stupid MIstake One: Someone must have questioned the shuttle thing but instead everyone was too busy getting pretty.

1:00-3:00: Spent playing with Pipay, fixing my hair, clothes etc, playing with pipay, fixing myself (face paint: itch, itch, itch!) and then playing with pipay again.
Around 2:45, I gave up.
I played with Pipay and stopped fixing myself. The routin was tiring!

3:15: Me, Mom, Carl, Cat and Ate Cheska: “Nasaan na ya?”
Yaya “calls” ABS people: “Skyway na daw”

3:30: Still no sign of ABS shuttle bus, make up is melting.

4:00: still no sign. *Sigh*

4:30: Mystery guard calls, ABS is arriving!! Hell Yeah!!!
Tita Lolit’s worried, taping allegedly starts at 5. Oh no!

5:00: After standing outside of Cat’s house for thirty minutes, we realize that maybe.. they’re not in the village at all.

5:15: I fall asleep in Tita Martiess’ room and Ate Cheska frantically calls ABS for the fear that we would be late.

5:30: No Deal Or No Deal Taping on Mondays and no girl by the name of Madel Ortea, who was said to be the “talent coordinator”

5:45: Mom calls Tita Cathy and Tito Epoy.

Not true to the shuttle.
Not true to the twenty people must join.
Not true to the extra thousand bucks if we exceed twenty people.
No deal Or NO Deal tapings on Mondays.

6:00-7:00: Everyone freaks out( yes all twenty of us). Someone is up to something. (We have a theory who’s the culprit, but NO, I’m not yet saying who. Pray that she gets the kick before she creates more damage).

7:00: Finally everyone calms down. Carl, Cat, Ate Cheska and I go to Makati Supermarket.
We ended up cooking and making Gin Pomelo.

8:00-9:00: Ultimate bonding with the twenty or more people at Tita Maritess’ house. We ate, sang and laughed the night away and the entire experience.

So, I guess all’s well that ends well since we managed to be friends with twenty strangers. New friends are always welcome.

However, someone’s up to something and that is NOT COOL at all.