The Things I Encounter Everyday (Part One of a Thousand)


1) Where is the account office?

2) Kulit Client One: I want my student to go from grade 1 to grade 3.
Me: “Sir, I’m sorry we don’t accelerate our students here”
KCO: “Yes, but she was born in 2000”
I respond with the pretty much the same explanation as above. He nods his head and proceeds to write Grade Three on the Level Applied For in the application.
-So parang hindi tayo nagusap diba?

3) An old lady says to Ryu (A Classic Favorite): Saan ba papunta PNU dito? Puwede mo ba samahan, iho?
Ryu: Ah ma’am mukhang malaking probelma yan.

4) Ryu gets victimized again by Foreign Nationals: Excuse me sir?
Ryu: Yes?
FN: When are all the holidays of the Philippines beginning June?
Ryu: ALL??!

5) A lady, after reading the sign that says “COLLEGE ENROLLMENT SECOND FLOOR” asks me this “Saan ba ang enrollment ng college?”
Haay gusto ko sumakal ng tao minsan.

6) To Ms Grace: “Can I enroll my child for toddler?”
Ms. Grace: “Sure, where is the child?”
To Ms. Grace: “Actually, she’s two months old, I just want to pay her tuition in advance?”
So, ano yun? Nine Months pa lang si baby magaaral na with yaya dearest?

7) Old annoying lady: we have a problem, I need to enroll my son!
Me: Ma’am: Please proceed to the Registration Office.
Old annoying lady goes on as if not hearing anything I said: Kasi bumagsak siya so gusto ko sana..
Me: Ma’am, i’m sorry this is the promotions office, please forward your questions to the Registration’s Office.
OAL: Andito na ako diba?
– Hay, Patience is always a virtue.