The Things I Regret


“Don’t ever be so afraid of heartache that you forget to love.” -RANDOM

“You’ve had a lifetime to process your feelings for me and I can’t spend the rest of mine hoping that you might throw a general glance in my direction in between your tortured teen romances” -Dawson’s Creek

“Letting go isn’t a one time thing, its something you do everyday, over and over again” -Dawson’s Creek

I’ve never been one to regret things. I’ve always believed in the age-old adage that every single, minute thing happens for a reason but today, because I’m bored at work (that actually happens when you cram everything in a single day, you’re left with nothing to do!) you tend to go back to memory lane and see places that you just want to smack yourself in the head for:

1) The Older Guy. Cringe. I was soo young and delusioned. Bad Boy Lesson Number One. Can we just delete him from my life? PLEASE.

2) A few shabby friends.

3) Letting go of a few good ones.

4) Tagaytay. 🙁


BUT if there’s one thing I don’t regret, it’s this:

I’d never regret that funny roadtrip (I mean this figuratively and litterally) I had with you. I look back on it fondly. As much as I dispise you right now, I don’t regret you. How could I honey?