this doesn’t need a name, you know who you are.


Unbelievable that it’s already Friday.

This week was a happy week, a really happy week filled with little nothingness and giddyness that I haven’t experienced in awhile and you know it was fun.

It just adds to my belief that for something to mean something it doesn’t have to be categorized into a relationship box that can be found on facebook (you know those shitty things that say, “in a relationship with like that defines who i am).

It just has to be something that makes you happy, even for just a time, even just for a split second.

Even if it’s across a crowded room, even if it was so fleeting that you can’t even keep it in your memory for so long and you know that the feelings won’t be the same next week.

If everyone treated feelings/emotions this way, the world would be a happier place 🙂