to my future husband,


I have no idea which part of the world you are in, what the color of your eyes are or how your laughter sounds like. I don’t know what you are doing right now or how you’re feeling.

I hope I knew. I hope that I am with you today, dancing barefoot in the sand in the moonlight and all those other cheesy stuffy but instead I’m here in front of my computer, wishing that i’d meet you soon.

I have been waiting an extremely long time for you.

At first, I was just anxious. I just thought that i was being punished for not meeting you sooner and not having the memory of taking you taking me to prom and what not.

However, now I’m just grateful because I know that God has a purpose for not yet allowing our paths to meet. 

I now understand that God wants me all to Himself first because when the time comes, He would bring us together and our love story would be a testimony of how great of a matchmaker He is. But first, we must know Him truly and understand how beautiful of a God He is.

I just hope you know that you are worth the wait, the tears, the rejection and sometimes the loneliness.

I know that when I walk down the aisle and see your face, I would laugh and cry at the same time but all in all, I would be bursting such joy and happiness because i’m going to tell myself that “i’m so glad God made me wait, i’m so glad, I didn’t give up.”

But for now, I’ll set aside the thought of you first and fall in love with our first love.

And in time, I know, He will take my hand and lead me to yours. The world may seem like such a huge playground, with other adult kids running around but it doesn’t scare me, because at the right time at exactly the same place, God will make everything fall into place and our love story will unfold.

And I hope you know, that at this moment, I am already falling hopelessly in love with you.