To my sister on her wedding day,


                                   Dearest Ate,
While I’m sad that I can’t be there on your special day, I am also bursting with joy. I have always expressed myself better through this platform, so excuse me for using social media but I would really like to share with the world how happy I am for you.
As I’ve told you before, you have always been the most beautiful person I have ever met and ever since I was a little child, I have always strived to be like you. Your strength over the years has inspired me and I really am joyful because you have found your happily ever after.
God is truly good, He has blessed you with the man of your dreams and I can’t wait for you to start your family. I also can’t wait to meet and spoil my future nephews and nieces.
It’s a new season for you and AJ and I pray that this new season will bring you more joy than tears and more love that you have even imagined. I’m so blessed to have heard your love story first hand and despite my skepticism, it has made me believe that maybe a God-crafted love story is still out there. :p
As a new chapter of your life begins, I am grateful that God answered mama’s prayers. I have told you before that you deserve all the beautiful things in the world, and that includes you waking up happy everyday. Please thank AJ for me also for loving you and please tell him to always be good or else. (hehe)
I love you sister and I truly wish to be there for you, but since I can’t I would like to give to you this song as a gift. I have always loved the lyrics of this song and I know you would love it too. =)
I love you, Ate and I truly wish for nothing but the very best for you and Aj. I am proud to be your little sister.
Loving you across the miles,