to RH or not to RH that is the question…


i don’t know how to comment on the RH Bill.

unlike my pesky sixteen year old self, i no longer pretend to know it all about politics and try to keep it on the down low.

however, this ridiculous debate on the RH bill just boggles me.


are we even looking at the real core of the subject?

or are we simply swimming along the ins and outs, seeing where the boat sways and stay there for good?

for one thing, we should take into consideration the fact that we are talking about people here, not just legos that are built together to create some kind of utopia inside a child’s room.

there are people to be considered and lives to be saved.

at most part, i’d like to think that children and people should be informed.

and when i say informed, i don’t just mean informed in the sense that you tell them how to put a condom on, instead people should be  informed of the consequences of specific actions.

i don’t care if you have seventeen kids, if you can raise them, however way you and your husband can, go ahead and have them.

however, if you are unstable and might end up raising equally unstable kids, then please, stop right there. there are too many damaged children walking around.

and also, if you cannot give your child a decent education (which means they can’t help you in the future) then please… consider your decisions.

more than the RH bill, this is a very personal topic, not one is able to each individual is different, but each individual deserves to be informed.

to be able to make solid decisions, information and the means to make use of this information is important.

it doesn’t have to be complicated, get to the core issues, become a person not a politician, live in someone’s shoes for awhile.

and that is all that i can say about this matter.