today was not a fairytale


every day we wake up and we all wish for a good day.

today wasn’t one of those days.

from the get go, it was bad, it was dark and it was plain depressing.

it was as if all the crazy thoughts that i’ve dealt with long ago were once again swimming in my head.

and i couldn’t control it: it was as if i was allowing me to fall into such a deep dark hole, like there were a lot of ways to get out of it but i refused to.

it was as if the deep dark pit was encouraging and once you’re sucked in, you’re sucked in.

and when i got home today, i was so exhausted with all the negativity that i just cried without really knowing the reason why.

and let me tell you, nobody cries that way because they are way too happy, nobody gets too exhausted or too bitter.

let me tell you, being mad takes too much out of you. it’s so much easier to let something go or in the world’s way of looking at it, it’s so much better to let someone pass you by or overtake you, because it’s never your negative energy to carry, it’s theirs.

that i learned the hard way today.

although i know that days like these are sometimes unavoidable, but you can actually choose to see it from another perspective.

i guess i needed to go through today to understand the importance of happiness and the importance of choosing it.

that being so depressed does not lead to good things and it only zaps the energy out of you.

based on today’s silly depression over nothing in particular, i dare say that you choose your own fairytale and you can choose to be happy or depressed.

today wasn’t a fairytale, but tomorrow’s another day.