Twenty in less than three weeks


Yes, I would soon leave my teen years behind and guess what?

I have zero plans.

The born obsessive compulsive that I am, I usually have everything planned two months before but not this year.

My officemates and I are coming up with extreme ideas but I really don’t have the time to plan every nook and cranny, plus I’m trying to save some money.

So what are the things that I’ve learned?

1) It’s okay to date.

Dating does not make you a slut.

2) Friends come in all shapes, ages and sizes.

My soulmates are the ones I thought I’d never have anything in common with.

3) You never end up with your dream boy

It’s not a myth, it’s a fact.

4) Growing up doesn’t mean that you have to act GROWN all the time

You can still laugh like a freakkeen hyena, dance when you think no one’s looking and giggle a little when boy suspect number three hundred whatever comes along.

5) Work isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard

The most important lesson I’ve understood so far is the fact that when you find something you love, it’s never quite the same thing you imagined when you graduated from high school. Work is responsiblity, yes, I do know that. But it doesn’t mean that you get up every morning wishing it wasn’t another workday.

6) Boys are weird but you can always count on the honest ones

‘Nuff said.

7) Yes, you can get your heart broken, but you can quickly recover.

It’s a learning process. And in as much as you would love to kick the jerk in the shin, he did serve a purpose.

8) Faith is the answer to everything

I’m telling you, you can weather through everything with HIM and HIM alone.