underneath all the changes, i don’t see your face anymore.


it has been said: people’s real identity is often seeped through their twitter pages and since there are days when i’m completely bored out of my mind, I tend to do what a normal person would do and jump from one twitter page to another.

gone are the days when one has to open an autograph book to know one’s deepest thoughts. all it takes is a URL address.

so while browsing through another person’s twitter page, i couldn’t help but notice this one particular model/host whose entire twitter page is dedicated to another’s.

and she does it so with such subtlety that it’s kind of like watching a train wreck.

but then again, the reason why i try to avoid all kinds of twitter sites other than my friends’ is because it’s so much easier to pass judgement.

however, her twitter page merely reflects what a million girls have gone through in their lifetime.

i’d like to think that most girls are like chameleons at best and this has been something embedded unto us, passed down from the earliest generations to the next and even though we have been liberated from the Maria Clara thinking, some of us are still going down that route.

most girls change how they look, change how they feel towards a specific sport and even to the extreme of changing a job just to make sure one gets the guy.

and it relatively pains me because a man should add sparkles, rainbows and sunshine in our lives, however he must not become our lifeline.

to be constantly changing just to make a guy like you only leaves things complicated, for one thing, he will never know or love you for who you truly are.

he would love the mask you’ve put on specifically for him.

and it’s sad because there has to be something more to us girls than simply changing faces to accommodate a new guy.

we must not simply drift in and out of our lives, waiting for a guy to save us and until then being stagnant. most of the time, the women who say they are against it are the ones slowly furiously trying to reinvent themselves to be liked.

you are already beautiful and a real man would appreciate that without you having to compromise anything.