What I would tell my sixteen year old self


Stop being so dramatic!

Life isn’t supposed to work out when you’re a senior and sixteen. It should begin when you’re sixteen but your fairytale story is not supposed to happen when you’re sixteen. In fact, it takes a few years before it manifests but don’t worry all the hurt, disappointments and failures add up to the person that you’re supposed to be when that dream manifests. So even if life becomes shitty for you, take it because you become better because of it.

There’s no such thing as a “perfect high school experience”

So stop dreaming and expecting that your high school years will be patterned to those you’ve seen in Hilary Duff movies. Things don’t pan out that way and you’d start to experience and relish your unique high school experience more and stop expecting that your very own Nathan Scott would swoop down and save you.

You don’t need other people to know that you’re beautiful

This is a hard lesson that I learned four years too late. I think if my sixteen year old self wasn’t so insecure, I would have enjoyed certain moments more. Cultivate your relationship with the Lord and from there, you’d find ways to feel beautiful. That’s really all you need.

Let the geek be your first love and thank him for being one

I just want to remind you, my sixteen year old self that one of the most brilliant choices that you’ve made in your entire lifetime is falling in love with a geek in high school because he made you realize that geeks make the best boy friends (even if you were never more than friends). And this particular geek also made you realize that hey, even if he never admitted to liking you, you can still thank him for that because he respected the fact that there are priorities other than the obvious of having a love life.

Pay more attention

Stop discussing your friends’ love lives during Trig and stop reading novels during pre-Calc classes because even if you did above average during college, you would have adjusted easily if you learned to listen to Sir Ben instead of finding ways to make fun of him,

Take more pictures

I know you love taking pictures as much as I do (your twenty year old self) but still you could have continued on with your high school scrapbook. The moments that you should have taken pictures of were the pictures during candid moments, the one taken during SF lunches and what not. Those are the precious moments and not PROM or anything superficial as such.

Expect less from people and make a HUGE effort to accept them for who they are

You’d find the greatest friends in high school once you look past the fact that in high school, everyone is trying to be someone and it can be annoying, but you’re at that point in your life so just be forgiving of people and you’d see they’d grow into the most amazing characters in your life.


I think this is something that I should also be telling your twenty year old self but I guess all fears and insecurities began when you were in high school so you should stop being so afraid. Take more risks dear and when it comes to the matters of the heart, when it’s right in front of you. STOP FINDING REASONS TO PUSH IT AWAY. Just be thankful.


I understand that you’re all for saving the world, politics and Darfur, but really Bianca, loosen up. Your twenty year old self is still very much caught up in these issues but her blog is no longer be bombarded by them.