When things go blah, i say RAH!=)


Love love the title.Haha. Its been a long time since I’ve blogged not thanks to the fact that our computer at home still ignores internet or anything else that is as hi-tech as the internet such as DSL. I’m afraid to say that our computer is technically challenged, and its something that zena cannot fix. boo-hoo. Im glad that the whole thing that i’ve been ranting about in my past entries have been cleared already, thankfully=) (glad na, thankfully pa.hehe)
So, its May already and I just had myself enrolled today. It was such a long process and the whole drug test thing is still freaking me out. Haha. I’ll be in college soon. FYI, I have decided not to go to DLSU, AC or UAP. I have decided to go SISC and I would specialize in SPED (I can hear you going, “bagay sayo, bia”). College. Scary. Ho-Hum. Most of my college friends are saying that its just like highschool. I guess id find out for myself soon. Yikes.
I have been addicted to Joan of Arcadia, Veronica Mars and American Dreams. One Tree Hill’s just a teeny bit boring and the excitement’s all gone now that Paolo told me that Haley isn’t going to end up with Nathan. Boo-Hoo. Wrong move, haley.haha=) Smallville’s new season is sooooooo nice and exciting. I wonder whatever happened to Pete.hehe=)

Buy Meg’s May issue if you want to see my rather good looking friend IJ or shall I say mr. yabang? (Joke, IJ. Love ya!). And I changed my friendster name to Carla, my first name. Wala lang something new diba?! for college…hehehe=)