when you have nothing better to do..or post…


Your crush suddenly asks you out?
>>> i doubt ryan merriman would fly all the way here just so he could ask me out. *wink*
You walk into an elevator and see a couple making out?

>>> not do anything, its none of my business.=)
Your parents had another baby?

>>> i’d probably be too shocked and grossed out to react..haha…=)
You’re trapped in a building about to explode?

>>> id look for the nearest window so the effect would be dramatic..hahaha=))
You were granted one wish?

> i’d get all whine-y and continue saying, “can i have more, can i have more?” in an annoying way till the genie or whoever grants me the wish gives in and gives me more..ha!
Aliens invaded earth?

>>> can i have a picture? …thanks… this would so go to my friendster account..haha
A guy (or girl if you’re a guy) suddenly kissed you?

>>> it wouldn’t be so bad if its ryan merriman, james lafferty or val kilmer. other than that …they better run…wahaha…. and cover thier ears while doing so…haha
You won a date with your celeb crush?

>> AAHHHHHHHHHHAAHHHH…. speechless for sure…haha
You were given a blue car?

>> why blue?!
Your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you???

>>> there’s nothing you could do about that..accept it and move on..*sigh* *wink*
You win a million dollars?

>>> hmmm…go to ireland and then put it in the back until i finally know what to do it. oh and get myself a powerbook…haay, umasa pa…hehe
Someone gives you flowers?

>>> thank you and ask why …hehe..typical…
You receive a love letter in your locker?

>>> thank you… if i don’t know who the person is rack my brains out trying to figure out who that person is.
You fail your exam?

>>> its not like i haven’t failed before…hehe
You get first in class?

>>> first what?
You get fired?

>>> put on a smiley face and shout to my boss,” ILL BE RICHER THAN YOU,YOU SCUM” haha…nah, id probably just walk away say that quietly to myself…hehehe
Your best friend betrays you?

>>> nothing new…KIDDING!! *wink*
You had to choose between your boyfriend/girlfriend and your best friend?

>>> that’s unfair. why do i have to chose?!
You miss your ex?

>>> zzzzzz
You want to call her/him?

>>> zzzzzz
What can u say to those who are reading this rightnow?

>>> HIIII!!!!!=))))