Who Controls Your Happiness?


“Both light and darkness are inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are” J.K. Rowling.

I was listening to Crewflor Dollar the other day and His preaching on Relentless Nature and what he said struck me, “There are times when you are going to cry, when you are going to mope in bed, but that doesn’t mean you’re giving up. You’re just taking a break, but you’re not giving up!”

That’s the reason why today and yesterday, even though I didn’t feel anything positive and I was once again attacked by senseless and irrelevant thoughts, I fought against it.

Because you know, i’m done. I’m done allowing my emotions and insecurities take over every single day of my life and not allowing me to enjoy and live my life every day the way that I should- with an awesome smile on my face.

It has been dominating my life for the past I don’t know how many years and I’m just DONE with it. I don’t want my insecurities or what I lack control my life any longer.

Life is filled with miracles every single day and for me to just focus on the negative and what I don’t have is a complete waste.

For me to be constantly consumed by the enemy’s will to remind me of what I don’t have and what I don’t look like would put into shame what HE DID FOR ME. What He died for.

So i’m not having any of that crap anymore. I’m done thinking that I have no control over what I feel or over my own happiness.

I think the biggest lie that we’ve been told is that we don’t have control over our happiness or that our situations have to change before we can be happy.

You know, when we finally get to the point where we’ve reached our own measure of happiness, we’d realize that we’re not happy again and we’d find something else to pine for and it’s an unending cycle.

And it’s not easier said than done. Actually being happy right now is a very easy thing to do. Just look at what you have and stop comparing yourself.

If your creator wanted you to look like someone else, He would have done that. But He created you the way you are, the weight you are (unless you eat ten thousand tons of chocolates a day, well you get what I mean) and the person you are for a reason so accept and live with it.

There are so many things great about you and the only thing that’s preventing people from seeing that beauty is the constant scowl on your face because you’re simply ungrateful.

It’s important to also surround yourselves with girlfriends who don’t constantly starve themselves for attention or those who constantly complain about not being pretty enough.

Everyone’s pretty enough, smart enough or just overall more than enough if they only allowed that inner light to shine.

Start by surrounding yourselves with loving girlfriends (like the ones I have tagged in this note!) and just fill your life with beauty, with things you like to do and real girlfriends who love you for who you are.

Believe in something. Hope for something and just fall in love with life.

Soon enough, once you get the focus off yourself, you’d realize that in every single day, there’s something to be joyous about, we’re just too selfish or too rooted in self pity to admit it.

Step out of your little “pity me” circle and embrace life.

It is beautiful, as beautiful as you are.