I’m not sure if i’ve mentioned it before but im actually running for PRO. I should have killed myself earlier. You see, popularity games such as the student council is the one thing that i’ve been against since I was in 5th grade. Ookay, okay, I was involved in classroom student councils but that was it. I mean hello, people don’t like those positions anyway.

So, that being said. What I was doing yesterday infront of the ENTIRE student body dishing out a speech that was probably putting people to sleep?


You see, the whole running for student council thing looked so good at the beginning, like during the initial stage. Like the planning and the posters and all that. I SO thought I had brooke davis’ guts. BUT I guess, lucas scott isn’t the only thing missing in my life. Haha.

I watned to concede right there and then but that would mean QUITTING. And that is one thing that I hate most, next to failure.

I should know by now that failure isn’t really a bad thing.

BUT I wish people would just play FAIR.

I don’t think fair is bitchin’ out the party during your speech.

Most of you are probably thnking, “Wtf? you’re in college!”

” I know right!”

I swear there were like two girls from the other party who kept on bitchin instead of saying what changes they wanted to see and what made them qualified to run the so called race.

They just complained about how long our speeches were and were giving us the evil eye the entire time. If I weren’t mature enough I would’ve smacked them right in the head (oh, you don’t know how I wished to do that)

Now, I just don’t care at all. And im not just saying that, I mean it. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose. I’m just happy that the stupid popularity game hasn’t sucked me into something that I’m not. I’m grateful that yesterday’s situation reminded me of who I am and what I want. I don’t care if people don’t see me as “cool” or if guys don’t think i’m “hot” (I don’t have to flirt with every guy on the block to gain some sort of validation).

Politics are SO dirty, even for a school as small as ours. Its absolutely crazy if people get TOO PERSONAL. Get a life.