Why I’d Marry Ted Mosby in a Heartbeat


I love Ted Mosby.

And I’m not talking about Josh Radnor, although he is rather cute. But Ted Mosby, as in the character.

I love him because…

He is the eternal optimist.

He is the eternal romantic.

He dresses really weird but really cute too.

He can sing.

He is a professor… IN COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. Need I say more?

He stands in the middle of a crowded theater to say that he likes you.

He’s one in a million because he’s telling the story of how he met his mother (could be me) to his kids. I mean what kind of dad does that really?

He’s best friends with the best people in the world.

Everytime I watch How I Met Your Mother, I literally drool because where in the world can I find Ted Mosby?

But in truth, I know God has a purpose and a plan. And He has nothing but the best but if Ted Mosby is part of that best, then God definitely knows what He’s doing.

… That was a joke. my best doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s His best.